Mecatech FW01 2020 Performance Kit special offer

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Mecatech basic car kit incl. brakes with new brake hubs, shocks and new battery holder and new titanium rear rollbar.

Additionally to the kit comes the perfomance kit:

- engine support (stiffener) left and right

- front Titanium rollbar 2,75mm ready to mount

- rear Titanium rollbar 1,75mm ready to mount

- both of the front 80gram weights

- 2 small medium weights 80grams

Because of the performance kit the car is ready-to-race and is now exactly like we use it at the races.

included in the kit:

- clutch bell

- clutch bell gear

- mounting screw clutch

- differential gear

not included:

- differential

- bodyshell

- airbox

- rear wing

- engine

- electronics

- tires

- clutch