Lightscale Airbox

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Air Box, Touring car, N.R.G., plastic, black, compelte set incl. all accessoires and adapters.

Lightscale N.R.G, is a powerful, silent and extrme light Airbox, fitting for all touring car models. Especially the big Volume sources the high power. in the direct area of the air induction to the carburettor this Airbox is formed special to get the gases free into the engine. The concave designes aluminium adapter waived on purpose without venturi. In all our tests the concave form was the best, whereas a venturi would power it down.

The german homologation is done.

The body of the airbox is srtong and fuel-resistant, made from plastic which is strong and restitant to hard beats, but still flexible. the noise reduction is also excellent. The Design allows air filtering far away from the carburettor. All together the Lightscale N.R.G. Airbox gives more power, good fuel mileage and raises the lifetime of the engine.

The set includes the Airbox, carburettor adapter, mounting screws, ready to run foam filter. The airbox in delivered completely mounted.