ELS...... What, why, about???

For quite a long time I am now considering where the problem for our great Largescale category is. Why did the driver numbers went down the last couple of years? Why did quite a few people loose the interest in our great hobby? Why don't we have more new people, especially young ones?

There have been tons of discusions going on here on facebook in the past about the tires, engines, servos, diff, pricings and many more topics, But in my opinion there are 2 main reasons for all of that.

When we are out at the track, doesn't matter for practice or races, many interested spectators are coming along and asking. Mainly about how fast these cars can go, but then they ask about how much do they have to spend to be able to attend a race. At this point unfortunately we have to tell them about 3.000-5.000 Euros. Of course there are cheaper options but none of them offer a proper race or competition. And to attend with any 500 Euros car at the bigger classes is impossible.

We just don't have races for these mentioned problem!
The standard category isn't a standard category from it's origin. People there just have the same cars as we do have in a Euros final. Only difference is, that they don't wanna compete with us and give it a different name from expert class.
Furthermore our national and international federations are just soooo old fashioned, unflexible and fixed on sometimes really stupid rules that even the last brave people who attend these official races loose the last bit of fun with it.

Exactly here at these points is the idea for our ELS. Mainly we wanna have fun and of course anybody with any kind of car should be able to compete in a class.

How do we do that?

Experts stay experts!! They are more or less for the "show". The mass of people we want to get back to the track should just have the possibility to see what is possible if people can move these cars at highest RC level, not more!! Anybody can attend the experts and can compete if they want, but that's not a must do!!

Standard will also stay standard!! A lot of people have the same fancy expert cars, but just don't want to race against them. So we put in this class to have all the people out there to compete at a fun level, with the help from the experts at the track.

Rookie, now comes the news!
I wanna give all the thousands of largescale car owners the opportunity to come and race with us. But how should it be possible with a 500 Euro plastic car? Quite easy....take out most of the common engine power and don't overtax the material. Even with a normal standard engine the cheaper cars give up after some laps on grip or they are just not competetive.

What's the difference now?
Every participant will get inlet - and outlet reducers to take out most of the power. Of course it will be much slower, but it will be the same for all. WHY? Now you loose all the advantage of the more expensive alloy cars and we will have a class for every purse.

AND together with the manufacturers we would like to get more people back to the races and will support this class. The starting fee will include the reducers and a set of marked tires which have to be used ALL race from qualifying to the final. This will be possible through the lower amount of engine power. So at the same time it is quite easy to calculate the costs for such a race before you are there and you have good argument for your wifes ๐Ÿ™‚
The starting fee in the rookie class will be 40,00 Euros.

All these we will try to fullfill with our first race at the famous track in Luxembourg in 2019. New system, all a bit different...

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